dam 1 «dam», noun, verb, dammed, dam|ming.
1. a wall built to hold back the water of a stream, creek, or river: »

There was a flood when the dam burst. The sleepy pool above the dam, The pool beneath it never still (Tennyson).

SYNONYM(S): dike.
2. a body of water held back by a dam.
3. anything resembling a dam, such as an underground wall in a mine to hold back air or gas.
1. to provide with a dam; hold back (water) by means of a dam: »

The beavers had dammed a brook and formed a pond (Francis Parkman).

2. Figurative. to hold back; block up.
[Middle English dame. Compare Old English demman to dam.]
dam´like´, adjective.
dam 2 «dam», noun.
1. the female parent of sheep, cattle, horses, and other four-footed animals: »

I laid down the dam, and took the kid in my arms (Daniel Defoe).

2. a mother: »

What! All my pretty chickens and their dam At one fell swoop? (Shakespeare).

[Middle English damme, variant of dame female superior, dame]

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